Conquell Pugs are based on the outskirts of Carmarthen. Our Pugs all enjoy a very active & healthy life on our smallholding getting lots of exercise alongside our German Shepherd dogs, we specialise in just the two breeds, taking enormous care in the selection of our breeding stock to ensure healthy and happy puppies.

I have always screened for hemivertebrae and now I also screen for hip dysplasia,I will only breed from dogs who are clear of both conditions.


Their DNA profiles are held with the Kennel Club. We are soon testing for PDE and results will be on this site.

Our black Pugs are also coat colour tested to enable us to plan precisely and control colour in our breeding program. Each dogs information can be found on their own pages.

Our Pugs are first and foremost precious family members, all living with us in our home, NOT confined for hours in cages as sadly many are, and most definitley not kept in kennels outside.

Showing is my hobby,enabling me to meet up with like minded friends all over the UK.Several of our dogs do consistently well in the show ring, gaining excellant placings at open and championship level, which to us, is an added bonus we are so very proud of them. Others prefer to stay home and chill out rather than perform in a ring.If they don't enjoy the show atmosphere, they simply don't have to go !


Conquell History

Having owned, bred and trained GSDs for more than 30 years (see our GSD website for more information, I decided that I would like a smaller breed of dog that I could enjoy showing myself, however I wanted one that would be robust enough to run alongside our GSDs for exercising and life in general around our small farm.

After researching one or two of the small breeds I kept coming back to the Pug, and remembering the two charming characters we met and fell in love with some 20 years ago whilst in America, at the time I remember saying to my partner , slightly tongue in cheek, "when I get old and have to downsize I will get a Pug"!! Research into these charming, comical, exhuberant and cheeky characters, brought comfirmation that a Pug was to be my "small" dog. Everything I learned about them seemed to bode well for the type of dog I needed to fit in with my current lifestyle.

To cut a long story short, fate stepped in and by pure chance my path crossed with a Pug Breeder, Sue Patience, who had a litter and of course visiting them was fatal. A few weeks later I was the proud owner of "Pumpkin" (Portenta Really Does it for Conquell) who has charmed everyone who meets her, she alone is responsible for many of my staunch "I only like big dogs" friends to have totally changed their opinion of the Pug dog. Needless to say my partner Tony and our son Tom are totally smitten by these most charming, comical and loving little dogs. As you can imagine we havent stopped at one.



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